Saturday, August 12, 2006

A Very Productive Holiday on Lake Okanagan! Six New Drawings!

We had a fabulous relaxing vacation on Lake Okanagan. Got back yesterday afternoon and I was up early taking pictures of drawings. I did 8 in total, 2 were gifts for R's neice and nephew. R's nephew Josh, was close by my side during most of my drawings, holding pencils, handing me new colors and picking out the colors that little Katie would like for the butterfly I did in her picture. I am sure I shall never have such great assistants ever again. It was sweet, beyond belief and I think Josh just may grow up to be an artist himself, as the force is quite strong within him! Will post more vacation pictures on Dear Treehouse when I get them organized. I mostly took photos of the huge houses on the lake. You won't believe them! We took lots of scenery and family shots as well.

Had a great trip to Kelowna and visited a friend whom we met here in Ottawa. Britt and her husband Martin have just bought a place in Westbank, just over the bridge from Kelowna. We hope Martin got in from overseas okay, as he had to fly through that mess in Heathrow. The airports in Canada were not too bad, although we had a 45 minute wait for luggage when we arrived at the Ottawa airport, but we did get our luggage and that is something that rarely happens! Ha!

I missed all my blogging buddies. Looking forward to catching up on all that I missed!

Welcome back! Great drawings, roadmaps to somewhere different with all sorts of sights along the way. I should be so productive while on vacation!
Thanks Karen, I must admit, I did surprise myself with these drawings and I like them very much!They were done in airports, airplanes, starbucks, sitting on the dock, at night lying in bed, early mornings in the cool breeze!

Congratulations on your lake house BTW! It is very simular to a beach house my grandpa built on Vancouver Island. Good for you! Your grand kids will love it too!
Hi Jacie, are you here!!!

I thought you had left the dear tree house, and were gone for some reason, and then I found you here!

Well, good, now I know were you are :-)

Great drawings!
Thanks Elin,

I was in British Columbia for a couple of weeks. Painting has stopped for most of the summer, since I needed a break and what better way to take a break than to put just as many hours into drawing. Ha! I'm an art-a-holic!

So I am here and occasionally at the Treehouse too. I'll come and visit you on your journal Elin.
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