Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Weapons Cache!

Yesterday morning I started another drawing, this time in my vellum sketch book which is a bit bigger. It is all very abstract, nothing recognizable in it, which of course, also allows for a whole lotta freedom. Yes we do like our freedoms, dig dig! Ping! Ping! I'm slinging with my little bloggy sling shot! Ha! Any who, I had that feeling that this particular drawing was not going to turn out well, but then it really started to take off! I am hoping I will finish it before we leave for vacation. I haven't packed yet, R started packing on Monday! It takes me 20 minutes to pack, R is more anxious to get out of here for there, me too, but I am more attached to sitting and drawing.

We went shopping for a PSP yesterday and found that they have such amazing graphics! I think we will be fighting to play it, like two kids in the back seat of the station wagon! Ha! Today we will probably get one! You see what kinds of things people without kids spend their money on! Such fun crap!

Yesterday we were at the hospital getting shots, R not me, and the nurses went wild for this drawing above. One woman put her hands over her mouth and gasped! Maybe she saw something testicular! Ha! They asked me if I am an illustrator, and when I said no they said oh you should be and you should do children's books. Sigh! Ha! Can't you see my big bad weapons! You see how disarming my little innocents are? He He! Must go see what R is doing to my clean kitchen!

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