Friday, June 30, 2006

Unsuspended Bridge, Water Slugger!

The Lazy Lay- About Bridge, just slugging it on the water. Have you ever taken a nap in your favorite hammock and woken up all drooling and sweaty and extremely sluggish, ya no, me neither; however, hypothetically speaking you may just feel and look like this lay- a - bout bridge. Dang exhausted!

We spent $150.00 on fabric this morning, to make roman shades for our living room. A few weeks ago, before R's operation he treated himself to a 42" Pioneer Plasma screen for the livingroom. Now I am the maker of roman shades, high tech ones with very heavy black out fabric on the back. F-----Hell, I am sooooo not into sewing these days, however, since I have a fairly extensive background in textiles, this will be my next project, and FYI the extensive background in textiles in no way qualifies me for this roping, as I have never made roman shades and haven't a clue! I told the recovering one, that now would be a perfect time for him to take up with the needle and thread. All in favor, say yah!

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