Sunday, July 02, 2006

Black Needle in White Needle Haystack, Red T-Pins Indigenous! Wacom #5

I Jackie Wiggs went to art college for several years and took everything except ceramics, sculpture and graphic design, I hated all art history classes and even after all those years of learning I still don't have a BFA! Ha! You want to know something else? I don't give a flying ---- that I didn't finish! Ha! So there you have have it! Not finishing does not make me any more or less of an artist. Not having an art history background does not influence my work one single bit, it just makes me suck when R and I watch Jeopardy and he looks to me to answer the art history questions. Oh well! I'm going on about this because I just read in a blog that this really accomplished artist felt inadequate about not having any formal art training. Formal training does not make a person an artist! Studio time and blood sweat and tears makes a person an artist, it is the effort and the joy that makes for an artist, it is the creative power within the person that makes for an artist!

I remember when Jacques Demers (long time NHL hockey coach from Quebec) announced that he was illiterate and how ashamed he had been all those years that he could not read. My first thought was, jeeze Jacques and it looks like it has really held you back, the poor man was so embarrassed for so long and it was a tightly kept secret. Give yourself a break Jacques, you may not be able to read one single word in any language, but you know what - you are good enough just the way you are, GOOD ENOUGH! Not being able to read does not make Jacques Demers any more or less of an accomplished person, his value does not diminish in my eyes! You go Jacques!

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