Sunday, August 20, 2006

No Woody's Here! (Groan!) Two New Drawings Though!

I add to my list of supplies, woodless colored pencils, and I do love them! They draw like colored pencils, meaning they are soft, a bit waxy, but they are also quite chalky. I can't quite put my finger on just why they work so well, but they really do and they sharpen like a dream! I like to use all my tools in my star pencil case, they work well together, wood and woodless. Best thing is, I got them for 50 % off at Michaels grand opening, just down the steet. Michael's is full of all kinds of tacky crap, I'm not that fond of the place, but a sale is a sale!

I bought some frames for my drawings today and R helped me hang them in our livingroom above the entertainment system. I had no idea they would look so good, it really surprised me! I hung the two drawings you see here and my cow drawing. When I stood back to look, I got all teared up and blubbery. It is so rare that I see my own work on a wall and especially drawings that I really like so much. I will take a picture of them in our room for you and post it tomorrow, the lighting is not so good today as it has been raining all day. First non-thunder shower rain we have had in weeks, kind of nice actually and brings down the humidity.

Last night we watched The Incredibles on our new plasma screen, R bought an HDMI Nad DVD player and finally hooked up all the speakers for surround and wow was it ever spectacular. I felt like I was really in a theatre and the whole house shook during the explosive scenes, apparently this is a good thing! Ha!

Just in the past few days I have been feeling ready to get back to painting. It is almost time, in fact, I thought about ordering two more canvases today, just in case they have to get them in for me. Going back to my 48"x 48" size, which seems to be a lucky one for me. The only reason why I didn't put that order in, is because it is time to transition to making my own canvases. So tired of shelling out so much money to have premade ones delivered.

You have no idea how hard it in on me to not spend money on all the little toys I would love to have, all the cute clothes out there, I love to shop! I've never been a saver, always a spender, but I learned my lesson well. In my early thirties, I was still a bit wild and blew $25,000 on lots of fun! Now that I'm older and much wiser and have the chance of a life time to really save and reinvest, you better believe I'm not so stupid the second time around.

Those drawing are very elaborate Fascinating they seem almost biological
Hi Amber, Thank you so much, always nice to recieve such thoughtful comments! I am so pleased that you noticed their biological qualities, that which is biological and or organic is are always present in my work.

My Dad would be pleased to read that as well, as he worked as a biology professor, that has certainly influenced my work!
Hi Jacie, hope you are having a great time.
Great sketches you have here!

Will you be back blogging on the Tree House again sometimes soon?

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