Saturday, July 01, 2006

Flower Bed!

I'd rather be, under the sea, in an octopus's garden; that is, rather than sewing roman shades. You see, with painting and drawing, mistakes are helpful, in sewing, mistakes make for many extra minutes ripping out stitches! The only thing colorful, was coming out of my mouth, as the neighbors must have heard words never before spoken by a woman! My blood pressure was at boiling point when I discovered I would have to 'square up' a 39"x 78" piece of blackout fabric, after discovering that it won't rip. Oh well, actually that isn't entirely true - it does rip in one direction - on a lovely angle, YES, YES, AND ROMAN SHADES ARE ALL ABOUT ANGLES, YOU SEE THEY WERE NOT AT ALL INVENTED BY THE ROMANS; IN FACT, THEY WERE INVENTED BY THE CUBISTS!!!!!!!!!!

This drawing is my idea of a flower bed, ah yes, a bed full of beautiful smelling flowers that I sleep in, no weeding involved here, only snoring and drooling and the occasional sleep walking, while eating a banana split! HOT DIGGITY THAT SOUNDS GOOD!

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