Monday, July 03, 2006

E3B Meets A3A, Wacom Style!

So I thought I would try translating the painting I am currently working on, into a drawing, also not an easy task! It is difficult to go the other way as well, drawing to painting. Will I ever get the two together in a way that satisfies me? Sometime in this decade, perhaps, would be preferable! Yes, Yes! I had a marriage between litho and drawing at one time, but in litho a drawing tool is also used. Do oil sticks come in pencil form? You know what would be really cool? Oil in a rollar ball tube, that rolls off the ball like ink from a pen!!! Does anything like that exist? Would it work? I must get my people on this, after all I am the Colonel! Surely I have people! Yah! Ha! Not!

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