Thursday, June 29, 2006

First Drawing on My Wacom Tablet

This drawing is my beloved feathered friend E3B, which is the first three digits in my postal code from my home town of Fredericton. E3B has had many adventures in my paintings, but this is E3B's maiden voyage in my new sketch blog, Colonel Graphite! Many more drawings will follow and you can follow my progression as I enter this new sketch world.

I will still be painting as much as ever, not to worry that my painting has haulted! I am just about to finish up an abstract bridge painting called E3B Meets E3A (E3B being the postal code for one side of the St. John River and E3A for the other). However, since I have been painting for 10 months straight with only a week off at Christmas - I am going to take a bit of a breather, just to recharge my energy supply. During this 'refuelling' I will be doing a heck of a pile of drawing on my Wacom and doing a little traveling to British Columbia for 2 weeks. Ya Wooooo! R and I will be on stake out in the beautiful Okanagan, keeping our eyes peeled for a nice spot to retire to and visiting his family, which we look forward to every year!

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